Books by Seb Penn

Our selection of engaging puzzle, colouring and activity books offers something for everyone, from adults who love to dabble in the calming hues of colouring books to kids eager to unravel the mysteries hidden in our activity books.


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Adult colouring books are a great stress-reliever and the regular use of puzzle books stimulates the mind.


Journaling comes in many forms, from daily affirmations and gratitude to tracking hobbies and collections.


Get kids away from their phones and using their brains with fun puzzles and activity books – great for road trips too !

91 Days of Gratitide

There’s no way around it. Life is stressful. One thing that has been proven to help is developing the gratitude habit. Take a few minutes out of every day to count your blessings. The ’91 Days of Gratitude Habit-Building Workbook’ offers a structured approach to counting your blessings and building a daily habit. 

What has Grampa been
hiding in his attic?

Grampa Henry has waited a long time to share a special secret with his grandson, Tommy, but today is the day!

Unbeknownst to Tommy, his grandparents have rather an interesting past and he is about to find out just how special his Grampa really is.

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